About Us

The Manhattan Tennis Academy offers top tier tennis instruction taught by experienced, certified tennis professionals. Our goal is to foster a love of the game of tennis in our students, while simultaneously teaching the fundamentals and skills that will allow them to succeed at all levels of play.
Whether a child is just starting out in the academy or training to play at the collegiate level, the basic tenets of success in our academy are the same.

First, a student must master the fundamentals. 

A player can only master fundamentals when given the appropriate equipment in the appropriate setting (i.e. court size, ball colors, etc). To that end, we devote just as much time to teaching agility skills and mental awareness as we do honing forehands and backhands.  If a child is rushed into learning strokes or tactical skills, even the slightest shortcomings in his or her game will be exposed to their opponent as the level of play increases.

Second, our Academy strives to ensure that our students learn how to mentally approach the game of tennis. That is, in addition to constantly evaluating and adjusting technical skills, we evaluate and address the mental skills of the game such as concentration, awareness, and good sportsmanship.

In addition, our pros teach our students to try to always stay positive. This can be achieved in a number of ways.  We often suggest that the student take a quiet moment between points and tell himself/ herself, “the next point is mine.” This translates to carrying positive energy into the next point.

In addition to teaching tennis, we strive to teach our students values that will help them succeed both on the tennis court, and in life.  Values such as disciple, hard work, respect and overcoming adversity, among others, are the foundations on which we base the education, training and overall development of our students.
John's passion for the game started at the age of 11, playing tennis in the public parks of New York and New Jersey. By the age of 18, John’s love for the game and skills afforded him the opportunity to play collegiate level tennis at San Diego Mesa College. After college, John decided to develop his career around his passion for tennis and his perpetual desire to immerse himself in the game.

In 1991, John spent 6 weeks at the Professional Tennis Registry (“PTR”) headquarters in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where he learned from the world’s best tennis minds. It was in Hilton Head where he obtained his professional certification as a tennis instructor. Since that time, John has held a number of positions at a wide range of tennis clubs as staff pro, head pro, and director of tennis. John held the prestigious position as the Head Coach of New York University’s Men’s Tennis Program from 1996-2006. After working with college student-athletes for 10 years, and having achieved his collegiate coaching goals, John decided to change his focus to local Junior Development, thus capturing the attention of players at a younger developmental stage. In 2006, John co-founded the Gotham Tennis Academy. John withdrew his membership from Gotham in 2010, and founded The Manhattan Tennis Academy in 2011.

Some of John's accolades in the tennis industry include:

  • NYU Men’s Tennis Head Coach (1996-2006)
  • 2009 PTR Member of the Year Award, Northeast Region
  • Produced 2002 ITA Division III National Champion
  • 2006 PTR Coach of the Year Award, Northeast Region
  • Produced 4 NYU All-Americans in 10 year career