Combining 20 years of tennis industry experience with the USTA's 10 and Under Tennis initiative, The Manhattan Tennis Academy's Executive Director has created a systematic program that will advance your child from one level to the next, while maintaining a fun—yet challenging tennis experience.
Quick Start Program (Ages 4-9)
Red Ball - 45 Minutes or 1 Hour
This class is your child’s introduction to the game of tennis. At this level, our goal is to get them to love the game of tennis while establishing a good fundamental base with their technique and athletic skills. Players will focus on improving their movement and rallying skills. We guide each player through the development of their tennis mechanics and shot consistency. We use fun agility, balance, coordination and movement activities to improve a player’s athleticism.
Junior Development Program (Ages 9-17)
Orange/Green/Yellow Ball - 1 Hour
The Junior Development Program (JDP) is for advanced beginner to intermediate level player. JDP focuses on all aspects of the game; from focus and footwork to forehands and backhands. From the most novice to the competitive player, each child will be grouped accordingly, based on ability. Players are learning how to rally consistently with proper technique. JDP focuses heavily on live ball drills that develop rallying and decision-making skills along with proper movement and recovery. Our goal is to get your child playing the game of tennis by learning the proper strokes and movements. A checklist of competencies is used to ensure appropriate and timely progression throughout the year.
Competitive Training Program (Ages 10-17)
Green/Yellow Ball - 2 Hours
The Competitive Training Program is a two-hour class for advanced students who want to develop the skills necessary for competitive match play. Players can expect to work on and improve their technical, tactical and strategic tennis skills as well as movement and athletic skills. The first hour of this comprehensive program is devoted to honing all strokes of the game and developing the necessary muscle memory and mental discipline for match play. The second hour is devoted to match play. The CTP is reserved for our stronger players.